Roughly translated, the immune system keeps fighting. They found the proteins persisting in the blood of Long Covid patients. They lead to blood clots and other stuff. Most importantly this can be tested for.

Hopefully this is applicable to CFS/ME as well.

    6 months ago

    No, it won’t – Long Covid and Post Covid are two distinct problems, which are mixed up even by professionals all the time.

    Long Covid: severe, prolonged (several weeks) Covid disease that damages organs. The damage persists. It’s long known that the damage is caused by blood clotting. The damage leeds to chronic multi organ insufficency which is detectable and (more or less) treatable by standard medical methods.

    Post Covid: Usually mild Covid infection that heals normally within 2–3 weeks, then after ~ 6 weeks onset of fatigue and PEM without detectable organ damage. This seems to be classical ME/CFS – which itself is probably not a single pathophysiological entity.

    So, sorry – this finding might lead eventually to a method to prevent severely ill Covid patients to develop Long Covid, it won’t help with ME/CFS.