In the post replied to my comment. I got a notification for the comment. But when I go to the post I cannot see their comment. Only a link saying “1 more reply” but when I click it nothing happens.

When I watch the same post logged out on my instance I can see the comment. When I watch the user’s history logged in I can only see 4 months old comments. When I do the same logged out I can see all their comments.

I haven’t blocked them and I haven’t blocked their instance.

Is there some way for me to find out why I’m not seeing their comment? I’m the only user and admin of my instance so I can look at the logs.

    • Björn TantauOPA
      32 months ago

      That was it! I can see it when I add Spanish to my list of languages.


        32 months ago

        this makes me wonder if comments should even be filtered by language, maybe all comments from all languages should be shown, or posts would be filtered by language